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Purpose: To efficiently and accurately conduct the Kentucky Auctioneers Association (KAA) Ringman Championship Competition during the annual Fun Auction at the KAA Conference. Procedure: Standard Operating Procedures for KAA Ringman Championship activities can only be revised by the official action of the Bid Calling Committee and approval of the Board of Directors. Published Rules and Procedures of the Ringman Championship Competition.
  1. The full name of the contest is “Kentucky Auctioneers Association Ringman Championship.”
  2. There shall be one division of the contest. The KAA does not discriminate on the basis of basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, veteran status, political affiliations or disability. Therefore, everyone will compete in the same contest.
  3. Contestants shall be 18 years of age or older; current active member of the Kentucky Auctioneers Association at the time of the entry deadline, and must be registered for the KAA Conference. Past Champions may not enter the contest.
  4. Contestants must have paid the $25.00 entry fee by the contest deadline. All entries are to be stamped with the date received in the office or by the appropriate KAA representative. In addition, contestants will be required to bring 2 items of any value to be sold during the Fun Auction. Contestants will ring and be judged during the time these 2 items are being sold.
  5. The Ringman Contest registration information will be included in the Conference Registration information at the time of registration and made available on the KAA website.
  6. No contest entries will be accepted after the deadline date and time.
  7. To familiarize the judges with the scoring program, a short training session will be conducted with all judges and alternate judges before the fun auction and competition.
  8. All contestants must attend the rules meeting scheduled prior to the fun auction and competition. A roll call will be taken at the start of the meeting. In the event a contestant is not present when their name is called the final time, they will be disqualified from the contest, without return of entry fee or auction items. All Ringman contestants can choose their Auctioneer if the Auctioneer is an active member of the KAA. In this case they will be required to bring their Auctioneer to the meeting if they’ve identified their Auctioneer prior to the contest.
  9. Two active members of the KAA will serve as the designated Auctioneers for the contest should contestants not have an Auctioneer selected. The designated Auctioneers will be selected by the Committee.
  10. The Fun Auction Emcee will serve as Emcee for this contest as directed by the Bid Calling Committee Chairman during the contest.
  11. Draped tables for the judges will be set up directly in front of the stage facing the contestants. Judging table to be placed for viewing of the bid caller, Ringman contestants and for a full view observation.
  12. An official break will not be scheduled during the competition. The Committee Chairperson can declare a short break if deemed necessary.
  13. The selection of the judges will be the sole responsibility of the contest chairperson.
  14. There will be five judges. It is the sole responsibility of the contest chairperson to determine the qualification of the judges. It is the chairperson’s responsibility to find non-discriminating judges. If available, at least one judge will be a representative of the NAA.
  15. Contestants shall be introduced by the Fun Auction Emcee or the Bid Calling Committee Chairman.
  16. Contestants must bring 2 donated items to sell of no specified value. Each Contestant will ring their own two items.
  17. On the scorecard used for the Ringman, the total possible points in each category will be as follows:
  18. Crowd Interaction — 20 points
    • Performance — 20 points
    • Relaying Bids and Communication to the Auctioneer — 25 points
    • Communication and Interaction with other Ringman — 20 points
    • Appearance/Presence — 15 points
  19. The following prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of the competition and Fun Auction: Champion — A Champion will be announced after the end of the contest at the end of the evening. The winner will receive a trophy or plaque and the title Kentucky Auctioneers Association 2018 Ringman Champion. Judges will be recognized in appreciation of their participation in the event.
  20. Within one month of the competition, press releases may be distributed to any media venues deemed appropriate by the KAA.
  21. Contestants will not be given the exact order of finish for the contest. However, within one month after the contest, each contestant will receive his or her own scores and will be given the high, average and median scores for the competition.
  22. The Bid Calling Committee will instruct the new champions on guidelines for conduct and roles in representing the KAA and the auction industry with the media and others.
  23. If desired by the KAA, a videotape of the preliminaries and the finals may be produced by the KAA and made available for purchase and/or used for promotional purposes.
  24. Ringman contestants agree to the use of their voice and image by the Kentucky Auctioneers Association in any methods as directed by the Board of Directors.
  25. In the event there is a tie score between the top 2 contestants then the KAA will provide 2 items for each contestant to compete in a tie breaking round.


    1. The Kentucky Auctioneers Association State Auctioneering Championship shall be open to any Auctioneer holding a valid Kentucky Auctioneers License and a resident of the State of Kentucky.
    2. The contest shall consist of Three (3) divisions:
      • Division 1Professional Division – The Professional Division shall be for any licensed Kentucky Auctioneer meeting the requirements as listed in these contest rules. This is designed for Auctioneers that have been licensed for more than 3 years and a resident of the state of Kentucky. However, if you have been licensed (Principal Auctioneer License) for less than 3 years you can still choose to compete in this division as you are not eligible to compete in the Apprentice Division.
      • Division 2Apprentice Division – Licensed for three (5) years or less to compete in the Apprentice Contest and does not hold a Principal Auctioneers License
      • Division 3Senior Division – If you are 65 years old or older, you now have the opportunity to compete in this division.
CONDITIONAL CONTEST “CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS” competes once every 5 years - Must be a licensed Principal Auctioneer in good standing with current membership to the Kentucky Auctioneers Association and a past Kentucky Auctioneers Association State Bid Calling Champion. (Separate Registration required)
  • Each contestant in the ALL Divisions must be a member in good standing of the Kentucky Auctioneers Association during the year in which the contest is held.
  • Each contestant in ALL the Divisions must be registered for the convention at which the contest is held.
  • The Professional Division contest shall consist of 2 rounds, a preliminary round and a Final Round to be held on consecutive days. All contestants in the preliminary Professional Division round shall (a.) pay a $50 entry fee and (b.) provide 3 items with a value of $25 or more to be auctioned. Contestants will be selling the items they provide. Entries and auction items must be received 3 hours prior to the preliminary round on Saturday during convention.
  • If there are 14 or fewer contestants, the judges shall select 5 contestants to participate in the Final Round. If there are more than 14 contestants the judges will use their discretion regarding bringing back more than 5 finalists. IAC guidelines may be applied to make this determination. The finalists will be announced prior to the Final Round on Sunday Evening of convention.
  • Items to be sold in the Final Round will be provided by the KAA. Each finalist will sell 2 items and answer one question. Each finalist will be asked the same question. Therefore, the finalists shall be sequestered away from the contest, out of earshot, until time to participate. Each contestant will have one minute to answer the question.
  • The winner of the Kentucky Auctioneers Association State Auctioneering Championship shall receive
    1. $500 cash
    2. a suitable trophy or plaque
    3. payment of the entry fee to the next International Auctioneering Championship (IAC) at the National Auctioneers Association Conference and Show
    4. Dues paid for the following year to the Kentucky Auctioneers Association, and (e.) the privilege of including “Kentucky State Champion Auctioneer” in their advertising and promotional materials.
    The winner will be expected to represent the KAA at the IAC and at charity auctions and special events as needed.
  • The First Runner-up shall receive
    1. $250 Cash
    2. a suitable trophy or plaque
    In the event that the winner is unable or unwilling to attend the IAC, the First Runner-up will be given the opportunity to represent the KAA and have the IAC entry fee paid.
  • The Second Runner-up shall receive
    1. $100 Cash
    2. a suitable trophy or plaque.
  • The Apprentice & Senior Division Contest will consist of only one round with the winner, first runner-up and second runner-up being named immediately following the contest.
  • Apprentice & Senior Division contestants shall bring 2 items with a value of $15 or more to be auctioned. Contestants will sell the items they bring.
  • Suitable trophies or plaques will be awarded to
    1. Winner
    2. First Runner-up
    3. Second Runner-up.
  • Decisions of the judges are final and cannot be appealed.

To download the form for the Advertising Contest Click here

Scholarship amounts and number of scholarships will be determined each year by the KAA Board of Directors by November 30 of each year. The amount of scholarships are based on the amount of revenue brought in by the KY Surplus Auctions. ALL Scholarships will be awarded for Auction Related purposes only. (Auction School, NAA Education/Designation or intends on working in the Auction Industry)

Who can apply?

  • Beginning Auctioneers
  • Apprentice and Licensed Auctioneers
  • Relatives of an active KAA member in good standing that has or will be graduating from an accredited high school or have completed the past year at an accredited college, university, or institution of higher education that intends on attending an Auction School or intends on working in the Auction Industry.
To apply for the scholarship please download the following application. Mail the completed application and your essay to:
Richie McGinnis 219 South Main St. Harrodsburg, KY 40330 e-mail to: rmmcginnis@hotmail
Applications can be sent at anytime but must be received by January 15th each year to be considered. KAA Scholarship

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