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The Kentucky Auctioneers Association (KAA) is a member organization of Auction Professionals designed to assist, improve and enhance auctioneers’ skills, education and success.

The Kentucky State Auctioneers Association, Inc. was formed in 1957 by a handful of dedicated auctioneers. The purpose of the Kentucky State Auctioneers Association was and still remains to promote and advance the auction profession and to foster and encourage a spirit of cooperation and mutual aid and respect among persons engaged in the auction profession. The Kentucky State Auctioneers Association aims to protect the interests of the members in all matters of legislation, to help, aid and assist at all times in improving the auction profession by technical training, instruction, apprenticeship and exchanges of ideas and practices. The Kentucky State Auctioneers Association is also committed to bringing you the best Continuing Education courses that can help you in your auction through applying the information you learn in class to everyday routing. In 2014 the Kentucky State Auctioneers Association will also provide the CORE Course which is a mandatory course for all auctioneers that must be taken once every four years.

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The Kentucky State Auctioneers Association stands 499 members strong because of the hard work and dedication of our committee members.


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The KAA gives many awards & honors each year, including; Scholarships, Championships, Hall of Fame membership, and more. 


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Auctioneers have been around since the beginning of time because they are a highly efficient and effective business tool – and they meet the needs of the public.


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