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State Surplus Auctions

For those auctioneers interested in participating in the Kentucky State Auctioneers Association-KY State Surplus Auctions, please download this form, fill it out and email it back to

The Committee Members

The Kentucky State Auctioneers Association stands 499  members strong because of the hard work and dedication of our committee members. If you are interested in serving on a committee or would like more information on the responsibilities of being a committee member please contact us at .


Executive Committee

Tim Haley   –  President
David Meade  –  President Elect
Russell Mills   –  Vice President
Kimberly Bouchey   –  Executive Director
Rick Wardlow   –  Director 2017
Paul Playforth  –   Director 2017
Marcus Landers   –  Director 2017
Shaun Logsdon   –  Director 2017
Shawn Willard   –  Director 2018
Doyle Wilson   –  Director 2018
Adam Haley   –  Director 2018
Chris Wilson   –  Director 2019
Amy Whistle  – Director 2019


David Meade, Chair
Bill Kurtz
Joe Gribbins
Ron Kirby
Terry Garmon


John M. Kessler, Chair
Sam Ford
Joe Gribbins
Steve Cherry
Greg Jeffries


Shaun Logsdon, Chair
Davin Smith
Caitlin Wardlow
Ashley Alexander
Jimmy Willard
Leon Shirk
Jonathan Hoover
Kim Bouchey

Publicity & Social Media

Adam Haley, Chair
Staci Alexander
Amy Whistle
Ben Allen
Caitlin Wardlow

Lifetime Achievement

Danny Ford, Chair
Glen Birdwhistell
Martha McGee
Hayden Johnson
Charles Marshall

Nominating Committee

Danetta Allen, Chair
Chip Foley
Sam Ford
Rufus Hansford
Greg Jeffries
Ben Allen

Finance Committee

Rick Wardlow-Chair
Devin Ford
Billy Frank Harned
Charles Whitley

Education Committee

Paul Playforth, Chair
Mike Gooch
Shawn Willard
Geral Wells
Brad Harris
Davin Smith
Stephen Barr

Hall of Fame

Past Winners, Chair

Auctioneer of the Year

Ashley Alexander, Chair
Russell Mills
Steve Cherry
Rufus Hansford
Ron Kirby

Long Range Planning

Cliff Ed Irvin, Chair
Joe Gribbins
John M. Kessler
Matt Ford
Robert Alexander
John W. Kessler


Kim Bouchey, Chair
Tim Haley
Steve Cherry
Caitlin Wardlow
Amy Whistle
Stephen Stucy
Chris Gravel

Bid Calling Contest

Marcus Landers, Chair
Shaun Logsdon
Chuck Marshall
Russell Mills
Jonathan Noel

Fun Auction

Chris Wilson, Chair
Doyle Wilson
Jim Kannady
Randy Moore
Shawn Willard
Marshall Tingle
Brad Harris

Sunday Worship

Russell Mills
Sandy Mills
Gerald Wells
Steve Henry


Ritchie McGinnis, Chair
Gerald Wells
Art Darnell, Jr
Stephen Stucy
Davin Smith
Chris Gravil

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