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How to Write Essay on Civil Rights

When we discuss Civil Rights we cannot pass judgment with a mindset based on gender or specific political background. However, when a politician passes some statement then it is totally based on what legislation they are presenting and what is the opinion of their essay writer. Most of the time two political parties criticize the statement of the opponent to get more voters. Let us focus on some of the civil rights views and work done by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, two political opponent in America. 


Education in America

In the field of education, Trump has made a number of statements and promises to increase the standard of education and providing facilities to the domestic students rather than providing more facilities to the foreigner students. Trump said, "If the states collectively contribute another $110 billion of their own education budgets toward school choice on top of the $20 billion in federal dollars that could provide $12,000 in school choice funds to every single K-12 student who today is living in poverty." September 2016. 

One side Trump is ensuring better education in America while on the other side his administration is trying to turn back time on the civil rights for students based on gender and race. Just like EEO-1 pay data collection rule, trump administration made objection on Obama-era guidance and withdrew it. This rule was crucial to eliminate the elements of discrimination and inequality based on race in universities. If educational institutions stop considering this rule there will be less enrollment of students other than white American and it is possible that withdrawal of rule will increase the flow of wealth towards white students. 

Now it's the time for the universities to ignore the withdrawal of Obama-era guidance and ensure equality in their enrollment system. 

Hillary Clinton not only worked for the equality in employment and wage distribution but also for the educational system by supporting the organization 100 Black Men that put the foundation of a school for black students. The main objective of the school was to empower the black and Latino male students who live in the inner city and do not have the opportunity to get empowered. Moreover, in the 103rd Congress, Clinton presented the education bill for reducing the cost of loan programs so that more students can acquire education.



Voting System in America

After the introduction of the count every vote act of 2005, Hillary Clinton again spoke against the voting system of America after the electoral defeat in 2016. She believed that America made this law to make difficult for the civilian to vote. According to her, more than two lac Americans were unable to vote due to the Vote ID law. She also claimed that during the election of 2016 around forty to eighty thousand people turned away from voting because of their race and skin color. However, evidence is not given to prove this statement.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, supported the voting system and believed that proper investigation is needed before giving the voting power to the people. He believed that such steps will ensure the sanctity and safety of the voting system in the nation through write my essay for me. Hillary Clinton back in 2015 supported Cecelia Marshall at his imprecation as the first African-American President of the American Bar Association after America lifted the ban from black people who were not allowed to become a member before.

She always appeared as a moderate Democrat who criticized inequality on the basis of race, color, and religion. During her campaign, one of the main agenda was the opposition to racial quotas. Donald Trump always opposed this concept of equality. He targeted Muslims and Islam in his speeches and threatened the Muslims living in America. He is in open words said that America is for white people where black and Muslims cannot get the same opportunities. He got the voters on racial basis.


Equality in America

Hillary plays a role in recognizing Juneteenth as a bill that can be identified as the end of slavery in America. Congress celebrated the bill and send the message to the nation that the past should be taken as a lesson and must be used for solving future issues. Donald Trump instead of presenting support to the minorities, making their life difficult. During the first sixty days of his administration, they already took the steps which will make harder for the African Americans to vote, get homeownership and to live with safety and dignity. Cases of hate crimes against Muslims also observed all around the nation. Free essay writer is busy in supporting other bills to increase the equality and became cosponsored of reinforcing anti-discrimination and equal-pay requirements bill.

The bill is crucial to decrease unlawful discrimination cases. It also considers issues like discrimination based on disability, payment of wages, and opportunities for employees. Trump administration reviewed EEO-1 pay data collection rule to collect data from companies with more than 100 employees regarding their wage distribution on the basis of sex, ethnicity, job category, and race. It was a rule made during the Obama presidency to eliminate employment discrimination. Trump administration was unable to reduce the age gap where advocates filed a case against Trump regarding the protection and wage discrimination of women. Administration along with employers of a big company is trying to stop EEO-1 pay data collection rule which shows that Trump is least interested in ensuring equal distribution of wages and wealth. 




Women in America

For the equality of women Handbook on Legal Rights for Arkansas Women was written by Arkansas. Governor's Commission on the Status of Women was used by the president of the American Bar Association. He selected Clinton as the first chairperson of ABA Commission. It will be useful to highlight the issues of women because the participation of women in ABA was limited before this. Through this position, Clinton raised the issue of discrimination with the women in the workforce. ABA Commission arranged the hearings and observed the inequality in the profession and provided proposals to avoid it. 

Trump, on the other hand, faced numbers of scandals related to the policies and behavior with others. His own family and fellows blamed him for misusing public funds, failure to disclose information, harassing women, conflicts of interest, and many more. A case was filed against Trump that accused the Trump organization in the hidden transfer of money to a woman who had an affair with Trump. Besides this, about twenty-two women came forward since the 1980s who claimed that the president has been involved in sexual harassment, rape, groping, and sexual assault. This issues get into the highlight after the audio recording leak in 2005 in which Trump used inappropriate phrases for the women. Afterwards, there came the big question on the safety and equality of women when the president himself did not show respect towards the female gender. 

To increase the rights of women Vital Voices Democracy Initiative was established by Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Hillary Clinton. The aim of the vital voices was to collect thousands of powerful women from 80 nations who can work for the rights and equality of women. Vital voices along with other private organizations supported emerging women leaders by providing them the tools to become successful without any difficulty or gender issue. 

Unexpectedly after coming into power, Trump has done much to ensure gender equality in the nation. Women's Global Development and Prosperity (W-GDP) Initiative was established by Trump administration in February. The aim of the initiative is to make about 50 million women empowered by 2025 through innovative funds, public-private partnerships, and government activities. In the first round, fourteen new projects are introduced that will help about 1 lac women in America and will support them in education and profession. 

This is the long term project whose result will come will time just like Clinton cooperation with re-introducing the Equal Rights Amendment bill which required two years to effect by write essay for me. Through the bill, it was stated that human rights come under the law which cannot be denied on the basis of gender. Women of Trump party also hosted women's equality day across the thirteen states in which supporters of Trump participated and one of politicians claimed that Trump administration helped about 6 lac women by lifting them poverty and insecurity and provided them health facilities. 



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