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Writing and Research Tools for Dissertation Writers - 2021


Research is a scientific process that has become increasingly dependent upon the use of write my paper as they let researchers complete their tasks quickly. For that, first of all, important citation databases and their advanced search should be mastered by the researcher.



Some of the tools used by professional writers working with dissertation writing services are as follows:


  1. Clarivate Analytics- Web of Science database.
  2. Scopus database from Elsevier.
  3. Google Scholar (free citation database)

The researcher also needs tools for data recording, data analysis, and presentation of research. Following are such tools used by researchers:


  1. I find MS EXCEL a very good tool for performing basic statistical functions and pictorial representation of data.
  2. For more complicated data analysis and performing various statistical tests, SPSS can be used. An open-source alternative of SPSS is the new programming language R.
  3. For writing research papers and the dissertation suitable reference managers can be used by researchers. I have found Mendeley, Qiqqa, and Endnote to write paper for me and be really efficient.
  4. For being in touch with other researchers’ academic social networks such as ResearchGate and ResearchBlogging.org can be used


Pre-writing Steps

Before starting the research paper, always have a topic in hand. Everything will be based on that. If you are doing it for the sake of the dissertation, you must have the research problem at hand. For instance, a simple research question can be, how customer loyalty can reduce the customer churn rate?


Now, based on this question you will gather all the sources of information. Identify the keywords you will be using to gather sources. Explore the following databases:


Once you find a useful source check the reference section to collect more sources. Better to gather peer-reviewed articles and sources and the ones who are popular. The next step is to take notes while reading all these sources and asking several questions. These can be, what is the problem under study? What are key concepts, or theories? What are the results? How the publication is related to other literature? What about strengths and weaknesses etc. Also, look for the gaps and try to make connections. Alongside notes taking, keep citing the sources to have a bibliography at the end.


Additionally, there are multiple platforms that offer free essays as a guide. You can also get a free research sample to get started. Simply contact a good ‘write my essay’ service and let a professional writer help you with various aspects of your dissertation.


Organization of the dissertation


Before you begin writing, plan. Have an idea of what will be your strategy in presenting the literature. There are many ways you can organize your literature review such as thematic, chronological, or methodological.


  • Chronological approach explores the development of a topic over time. This also explores the debates or key events that have changed the topic over time.
  • Thematic review organizes the topic according to the different aspects as explored in the sources.
  • Theoretical review discusses various theories or concepts related to the topic.
  • Methodological approach organizes the research based on a variety of research methods to compare the key results.


These are all the tools you must be aware of if you want to write an effective and good dissertation. Remember! Do not forget to Write my thesis and take help from professional writers, for you cannot afford to get your dissertation rejected by the committee or your supervisor. Sometimes the key difference-maker can be letting your document touched by the hands of a professional.


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