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40+ Best General Topics for Presentation



Presentation is a common assignment for students, and it needs strong writing skills. It is required in every field of work or education. It increases your confidence and knowledge.



However, for a good presentation, you require a great topic. Without a good presentation topic, you did not grab the audience's attention. You can ask a professional writer and essay writing service for help.







Moreover, the presentation topic should be unique and interesting. Also, it relates to the current situation but tries to avoid picking controversial topics. When you prepare the presentation, consult your professor and get approval from them on the topic. Like, essay writing tasks, you can easily get help from the essay writer for your presentation.



For a good presentation, you need strong presentation skills to easily convey your point to the audience. 



When you have an essay assignment and don’t have time to complete it on time, ask someone to write essay for me and leave all the writing stress on them. So, you can easily create the presentation with full attention.



Presentation Topics



Here are some great presentation topics that you can use for your presentation and get applause from the audience.  



  • Should there be a legal framework to regulate plastic surgery?
  • How bad nutrition affects a person’s appearance?
  • Should astronomy be distinguished as a separate subject in school?
  • The effect of social media on education in US schools and colleges.
  • The Greatest discoveries of the 21st century
  • What methods to use for customer outreach
  • Why is it more profitable to be a plumber than a doctor?
  • The devastating influence of beauty contests on women’s self-esteem.
  • Importance of formal education for building up a successful career.
  • What kind of dog is best for a household with children
  • A world without a weapon
  • Is English speaking an important skill?
  • The role of marketing channels
  • How you can conserve energy and still keep your electronic devices
  • How performance enhancing drugs react to the body
  • How plants are grown on farms has a big impact on the environment.
  • How does corporate sustainability affect the organizational process?
  • What is the importance of ethical cultures in the workplace?
  • How journalists and bloggers differ from each other?
  • Technology as a major factor in improving living standards
  • What does keeping animals at home teach children about life?
  • The best time management techniques to get your work under control
  • Differences between qualitative and quantitative data



You can also get help for your essay assignments by saying to write my essay.



  • Why do schools need mentorship programs?
  • The difference between journalists and bloggers.
  • What do you need to know about financial aid?
  • Should students still have to use the books in the library?
  • Electric vehicles: future of transportation
  • Evaluation from production to operation management
  • Design of a wireless sensor board for measuring air pollution
  • Describe how LinkedIn is far better than other social media platforms.
  • Why the World should be united in the fight against terrorism
  • How to balance between mother and being a wife
  • Why and How Carnivorous Plants Consume Insects?
  • A comparative analysis of business laws in the western and eastern world
  • How chemical weapons become the main threat to war
  • Features of the diet in the presence of braces
  • How to travel and explore the world on a tight budget?
  • What an entrepreneur is and what do they do
  • Why is it important to hire mothers back into the workforce?
  • The top methods of advertising on social media.



Now, pick the best presentation topic from the list. If you want more presentation topics, visit a paper writing service.



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