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20+ Compare And Contrast Essay Topics



Our academic life gives us a chance to learn a lot of skills including the skill of writing. Many people consider write my essay a very simple task that any other person can do. But in fact, writing is a technical thing to do and not everyone can do it easily. This is why when students are given some kind of writing assignment, they seek help from an essay writing service. 

In this article, we will talk about a very interesting type of essay writing. If you are a student or you have even slight know-how about easy, you must have heard about the compare and contrast essay. 


It is a type of essay that s written to compare two or more things on the basis of differences or similarities. This essay allows the students to become a pro writer as it allows them to enhance their writing skills to the next level. When students are assigned write my essay for me, many of them fail to do it themself and avail of an essay writer service.

Opting for such professional services is yet the best option for students as an essay writing assignment is not the only assignment that a student has to do. Such services usually have an extensive team of professionals who are qualified enough to handle all kinds of academic writing assignments. 




Down below, we have enlisted some interesting compare and contrast essay topics for you. Since topic selection is also a time-taking task and can make your essay writer daunting for you. This is why use any of the following topics and try to make things easy for yourself. 

  • What are some major differences between an essay and a research paper? Which one is easy for the students? 
  • Homeschooling VS traditional methods of teaching. 
  • Educated person VS an uneducated person. Which one is more successful in practical life? 
  • In-term exams or annual exams. Identify the benefits. 
  • Barack Obama VS Donald Trump. Who’s reign was more prosperous?
  • The 60s VS the 2000s music: Which was more influential? 
  • Capitalism VS communism: which is superior and why?
  • Dictatorship and democracy: how are they different and which one is preferred by the common public?
  • Tomatoes VS Potatoes. Compare both on the basis of similarities. 


Remember that, a topic must have to be according to the nature of the essay. This is why all these topics have been carefully chosen by the best essay writing service for a good compare and contrast essay topic. Use any one of them for your help. 

  • Compare netball with basketball. Discuss the rules of both. 
  • Samsung vs apple: which is a more popular brand? 
  • Being miserable in a mansion or happy in a ghetto? What would you prefer? 
  • Identify some major differences between American and British English accent.
  • Casual vs casual official? What is the difference and which one is more appropriate?
  • SEO vs traditional marketing? Which one gives better results in a short time? 
  • Traditional learning vs E-learning: what is the future of both?
  • Music vs poetry: do they have the same effect on people.
  • Friends vs enemies. Identify some similarities. 
  • Similarities between philosophy and psychology. 
  • The pen is mightier than the sword: how much do you believe in this and is there any truth in it? 



After topic selection, instead of writing the essay yourself, you can hire a writer, pay for essay, and VOILA! This will save you time and you get a surety that your essay is well-written.

Apart from that, you can also visit paper writing service to look at some good compare and contrast essay samples that help you understand things in a better way. 



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