State Surplus Auctions

The Kentucky Auctioneers Association will be the primary source for auctioneers, ringmen, and clerks for the state of Kentucky Surplus Auctions. We have negotiated on behalf of our members a new contract for the remainder of the year. I have already heard from several of you about your interest in participating in the surplus auctions. There are several things that will be different than the auctions in the past. To participate in future Surplus Auctions please contact our office at 270-904-6902 and request a Surplus Auction Application so we can ensure that we are able to fulfill our contract obligations. Thank you in advance for your participation.

To be considered for a Surplus Auction Please fill out the form below and send to the or mail to KAA Surplus 1306 Euclid Ave, Bowling Green, KY 42103

Surplus Auction Application NEW